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The Resource Planner for the ophthalmic practice offers comprehensive functions for: Clear coordination of personnel capacity and scheduling. Resources are managed specific to each staff member. The following entries can be made in the Resource Planner:
  • Productive times in all areas
  • Holidays
  • Sick days
  • Internal and external appointments
  • On call (locum, etc.)
The data from the Resource planner can be viewed comfortably on the screen for each day, week or month. The staff members can be allocated to workgroups or individual areas and displayed accordingly (e.g. practice, orthoptics, OP, etc.). Within the Resource Planner different tasks and the minimum department coverage can be managed. During holidays or outside appointments when the minimum coverage has not been met the system will inform you.

The Resource Planner for the ophthalmic practice is a module of the QM and PRP (Practice Resource Planning). Prerequisite is the basic model of the Quality Management practice or Ophthalmo Surgery (Database pool). Running systems Windows 2000 and newer are supported, The Resource Planner can be used independent of the ifa Practice System.

Training / Consultation
For support in pre-setting the system with personnel data, department groups, appointment categories, etc. it is recommended to have a ½ day training / consultation. This can be covered in the workshops that are on offer.

The Resource Planner offers very high benefits in relation to investment. Transparent organisation of resources in the ophthalmic practice can save on time and nerves. Furthermore, the optimal use of capacity can have concrete economical benefits (more income with the same staffing).