OP Plan Generator/Surgery Module Print
Brief Description
The OP Plan Generator is a module developed specific to ophthalmic surgery. It makes all patient data for surgery available within a specific time period. The data from the patient with all relevant information from the medical record can be transferred into the OP plan at a later point. Since the requirements for ophthalmic surgeons on overviews of the planned OP/surgery are quite varied the OP Generator is flexible. Besides the basic patient data diagnoses and remarks, findings etc. can be transferred.The OP plan can be viewed on the computer screen as well as printed out on different formats.

The use of the OP Plan Generator requires the OP Documentation and electronic Patient Record modules. Appropriate printers are required for printouts. Ask ifa's technical department for the current printer offers.

The OP Plan Generator offers a multitude on possibilities in design but also in connection with the Patient Manager. The Print function also offers a variety of designs. An intense short consultation or training is sensible for proper use of the program.

To create an OP plan with conventional methods (e.g. with Word or Excel) would be very time consuming. Transferral errors can also be made when entering data manually. Once the OP Plan Generator is preset, it is quick and easy to create OP plans daily. The benefits are very positive in relation to the low investment for the license.