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Brief Description
The Practice Organizer is a practical combination of 3 modules:
  • Task Manager
  • Practice Manual with Outline
  • Digital Archive
The Task Manager reminds the entire practice team on a daily basis to repeat individual tasks. The two databases can access the Practice Manual immediately. This makes checklists available by a keystroke. The Task Manager comes with over 100 prestructured tasks. Depending on the individual requirements of a practice these can be used in the practice. This module is ready to use in just one hour, what makes it easy for the entire staff. The Practice Manual with QM outline is a so called Content Management System. In the Practice Manual all organisational documents are stored and managed. These can include, work instructions, procedural instructions, checklists and forms. The Digital Archive is the ideal instrument for managing logs and other original documents electronically. It completes the Practice Manual for every day use.

The Practice Organizer is independent of the practice software. It can be installed and used in any network system with Windows (XP and newer).
In order to use the Digital Archive a scanner with the corresponding interface is required. For managing documents in the Practice Manual a licensed version of Word is necessary.

The comprehensive functionality of the Practice Organizer can be learned in a half day. Though this is necessary in order to professionally understand the personal database, the authoring system for the Practice Manual.

The benefits of the Practice Organizer are significant. It optimizes the practice organisation and thus creates more time for patients. The QM subscription introduces a qualified quality management system in the practice