Customization Guarantee Print
The intuitive design concept behind the 3rd generation of the ifa EMR solution supports a wide range of customization features and tools that enhance data entry and navigation, streamline clinical workflows,  and speed users through a compressed learning curve.  The ifa customization process is key for increasing both administrative efficiency and Return on Investment (ROI).
Therefore, ifa guarantees that users are independent from vendor support regarding all kinds of customization steps:

Customization and basic editing of terminology codes can be comfortably managed by the user. Approx. 18,000 codes and terms are provided with the standard installation.
The user interface can be customized without any IT knowledge with easy to use integrated script components. A comprehensive manual is provided in a digital format.
All kinds of billing codes and fee data can be modified by the user according to subspecialty and regional requirements.
Letters, reports and review templates are user defined and can be customized without IT knowledge.  A wide range of samples is provided with the standard installation.

Customization guarantees with open technology are an important part of the ifa legal framework. For more information, please download the ROI brochure and Customization Potential brochure.