Connectivity Guarantee Print
Digital devices, practice management systems, hospital information systems, and patient data repositories are, in essence, isolated silos of information. The full range of benefits of any ophthalmic EMR system is only fully realized when all these diverse data sources are completely integrated into a robust solution.  That is why the guarantee of trouble free interconnectivity, now and in the future, is a critical necessity for today’s sophisticated ophthalmic clinics and practices. 
  • ifa guarantees that all digitally capable, government compliant ophthalmic devices will be integrated into the EMR, HIS and PMS programs, thus the maximum benefit can be realized.
  • ifa guarantees that its users will have full integration of all standard ophthalmic devices, assuming the cooperation of all vendors of ophthalmic devices.
  • ifa guarantees full support and implementation of international standards as documented by the IHE Initiative (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise).
For more information view our Interface List sorted by vendors or our Interface List sorted by Equipment Type. You can also download our Interface List in the Download Area.