Eye Care Picture Archive and Communication System Print

ecPACS is the unique “all in one” software for eye care professionals to manage equipment and picture data in a complete and open network application. ecPACS can be combined with any professional EMR/EHR system and Practice Management or Hospital Information System (PMS/HIS).


ecPACS is IHE compliant and offers the relevant connectivity:

  • HL7 (Health Level Seven)

ifa ecPACS Connectivity Overview
Interfaces/Features and Functions

Standard Data Management Management of Test Data and Images
- Patient demographic data - OCT Import
- Diagnosis Codes (ICD format) - RT Import
- Text entries - Topography import
- Biometry import
Management of Equipment Data - Visual Field Software (PeriData)
- Objective refraction (25+ autorefractors)   - Fundus Cameras
- Subjective refraction (10+ phoropters)         - Slit Lamp Video/Images
- IOP (10+ NCT devices) - Eye Draws (for all subspecialties)
- Keratometer data (10+ autokeratometer) - Scanned documents
Output and View Management Connectivity Management
- Dashboard reviews - HL7 (V2.x) for HIS/PMS
- Complete screen reviews - DICOM viewer
- Printout - DICOM communication
- Patient education features


The ecPACS benefits:

ecPACS  can be used as “Stand Alone” software or integrated into an existing HIS or PMS network
ecPACS  provides connectivity to more than 450 devices offered by over 30 international producers
ecPACS  facilitates eye draw features for all ophthalmic subspecialties (retina, cornea, oculoplastics )
ecPACS  is vendor independent and offers a life long Connectivity Guarantee for all relevant devices
ecPACS  improves the efficiency, quality of care and legal compliance “all in one” documentation
ecPACS  can document findings, diagnosis, test interpretation and structured diagnosis (ICD-10)
ecPACS  is designed to manage billing information and transfer charging processes to HIS/PMS (HL7)
ecPACS  can organize clinical pathways and structured work flows for all different eye care visit types
ecPACS  offers statistics, queries and outcome analysis based on professional data mining/ SQL          
ecPACS  is based on over 30 years of experience in Health IT in ophthalmology (Made in Germany)
ecPACS  is easy to learn and easy to use/designed according to international usability standards
ecPACS  can be upgraded to a full ophthalmic EMR (complete paperless eye care environment)

Basic Equipment
In every eye care environment equipment test data play an important role. All these instruments offer digital output features for exporting patient data into other digital systems.


ecPACS offers these interfaces for autorefractors, keratometers, NCTs, computer phoropters, lensmeters and combined instruments. The data is stored in structured formats for all kinds of data reports and research.

Image Systems
ecPACS is an image oriented EMR concept dedicated to and developed for all ophthalmic requirements. Images can be imported from primary sources (fundus cameras, slit lamp cameras, other digital cameras) and from secondary image systems from all leading vendors.


ecPACS allows additional comfortable procedures:

  • Drawing on images
  • Comparing images
  • Reporting images (with text)
  • Communication images
  • ecPACS is designed for the latest “state of the art” screen technology.


Specialty Software
Innovative diagnostic equipment provides comprehensive images and other BLOBs (binary large objects) which are important components of the medical patient chart. Depending on the device, ecPACS allows the import of PDF or similar files and/or connect directly to the patient database (from the workstation or linked to the server).


Systems from all leading vendors can be connected:

  • Heidelberg Engineering
  • Oculus
  • Optovue
  • Topcon
  • Zeiss Meditec
  • etc.

Images can be displayed with many screen concepts (Pad computers, split screens, dual monitors).

Perimetry Software
 Visual field analysis only makes sense with comprehensive trend calculating concepts. ecPACS is compatible with the leading international visual field software PeriData, which is fully integrated into the ecPACS database.
With PeriData visual fields from many perimetry systems can be imported and stored in one database. That is an important benefit if using different systems/brands in the clinic and/or when changing the visual field analysis devices.
Another benefit of ecPACS is the ability to store visual field files and e.g. IOP data in one system and display these with the “Dashboard” features.


EyeDraw is the comprehensive drawing tool of complex graphical eye care findings for all subspecialties. More than 20 background designs and more than 50 standardized symbols are available for these subspecialties:

  • Retina
  • Glaucoma e.g. gonioscopy
  • Surgery (cataract/refractive)
  • Oculoplastics
  • Pediatric ophthalmology


The user can define more individual symbols and also draw on original images. ecPACS also allows to draw on original patient images (e.g. fundus images).


Scanned Documents
ecPACS is designed to provide the paperless clinic. All relevant documents can be scanned into the database. With “state of the art” scanner technology the import of existing patient charts, letters and forms or test prints is easy and very comfortable.

ecPACS allows the definition of various classes for all kinds of scanned objects to provide user friendly access for patient charts with long history.


Dashboard (Review)
The review "design" is key for the functionality of image based medical record systems. With the “Dashboard” concept ecPACS offers the most advanced tool for reviewing all kinds of digital ophthalmic data.




Dashboards are developed for all subspecialties representing the most important and relevant visual objects (IOP and VA-Charts, eye draw objects, images, OCT – and other digital test documents, scanned objects etc.).
The dashboard is also ideal to be displayed on pad computers such as the iPad product line.


Connectivity Guarantee
The investment risk of ophthalmologists can only be eliminated by legal guarantees.
The full range of benefits of an ophthalmic EMR and PAC system can only be fully realized when all data sources are completely integrated. Digital devices are necessary for clinic and practice workflows. ifa guarantees that all these devices will be integrated into to the HIS or PMS program, thus the maximum benefit can be realized. ifa guarantees that its users will have full integration of all standard ophthalmic devices, assuming the cooperation of all vendors of ophthalmic devices. ifa supports the international standards as documented by the IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) and provides these standards integrated into ecPACS.


Upgrade Potential

The ecPACS is fully compatible with the complete ifa PREMIUM EMR (certified according to the USA ONC-requirements). The additional documentation functionality with medical history, findings, test interpretation and therapies etc. can be licensed at any time.

ecPACS Upgrade Potential


The ecPACS can also be connected with any other certified EMR/EHR system based on the HL7 standard data exchange functionalities.