Cooperation and Network Projects Print
Cooperation and Networking of physicians is becoming increasingly popular in all national healthcare systems. Together with its cooperation partner integration.AG the ifa team developed projects in which ophthalmologists co-manage eye care patients. Examples of these projects are networks for ophthalmic surgeons and their referring offices, networks for pharmaceutical benefit management (studies) etc.

Quality Outcome Analysis in Ophthalmology (see Power Point Presentation)
Area: Ophthalmic Surgery, Refractive and Cataract  Procedures
Context: Ophthalmic Surgery Center, Cologne, Germany networking with approx. 40 co-management partners (ophthalmologists and optometrists/opticians)
History: Start 2004 ongoing
Environment: Local web server in eye clinic and communication via web with referring partners (online and offline communication components)
Datasets: - cataract pre-op form
- cataract intra-op form
- cataract post-op forms (2)
- refractive pre-op form
- refractive intra-op form
- refractive post-op forms (3)
Reporting: Internal research
Specialty: Outcome analysis for laser surgery together with vendor of ophthalmic laser systems (German market leader)
Solution provider: ifa systems AG (main contractor) integration.AG (technical sub-contractor)

Pharmaceutical Benefit Management in Ophthalmology
Area: Post Marketing Surveillance Glaucoma Drugs
Context: Pharmaceutical company as project supports and approx. 300 users providing patient data online (web interface)
History: Start 2003 ongoing
Environment: Remote server system based in a professional data center (Frankfurt/Germany). Data sets are entered online via a dedicated web interface.
Datasets: - glaucoma initial and complete glaucoma record
- glaucoma follow up visit data
Reporting: Managed by pharmeceutical company
Specialty: Approx. 100,000 data sets for more than 30,000 patients have been entered within 4.5 years
Solution providers: integration.AG (main contractor) ifa systems AG (EMR interface sub-contractor)