ifa launches EMR pilot project at the University Eye Hospital in Beijing Print

At the end of February ifa team members started to implement the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) at the University Eye Hospital in Beijing (http://english.pkuph.edu.cn/). ifa’s bilingual software version (English and Chinese) had been evaluated for the pilot phase together with the cooperation partner Global Vision, the leading provider of medical engineering products for ophthalmology in China.

Jörg Polis, the responsible member of the board of directors for all projects in Asia: “Our investments in the products and market launch over the past 3 years are finally starting to pay off. As of 2014, all big eye hospitals shall be provided with ifa’s EMR. The pilot project at Beijing’s university hospital is an exceptional honor for us being a non-Chinese provider.“
Currently, approximately 27,000 ophthalmologists are working in China who, according to the planning of the Ministry of Health, are going to implement Health IT solutions in the next 5 years. The ifa project, which is coordinated  closely with the Ministry and leading ophthalmologists, is scheduled to be presented at the  congress of the Ophthalmology Association in Wuhan (a metropolis with 8 million inhabitants located to the south of Beijing) at the end of May 2013. Up to the present, no Chinese eye hospital has implemented an EMR system as there are no domestic solution providers due to the clinical complexity. Jörg Polis stated: “Our challenge is to establish qualified and perfectly trained teams. So far, there are 12 project team members – 6 ifa specialists and 6 new employees of our Chinese partner, who is additionally hiring new Health IT specialists.“