Leading Hospital Corporation from Qatar Concludes Contract with the ifa Group of Companies Print

The Middle East is known for innovative healthcare systems and highly modern hospitals. Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is one of region’s leading hospital operators.

HMC has now concluded a contract with the ifa group of companies on the introduction of ifa’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to the ophthalmic department of Hamad Medical Center and four additional locations in Qatar.
Robert Habel, ifa’s Director of International Key Accounts, on the deal: “The conclusion of the contract with HMC confirms ifa’s successful introduction to the Middle Eastern market. Our projects in Saudi Arabia are sending out positive signals, so we are expecting to be engaged in the implementation of further projects in the Arabic countries this year.”
The Hamad Medical Center and the corporation’s other hospitals will have ifa’s International Premium Hospital EMR implemented. By this they will be using both the most modern information technology available and knowledge-based applications (such as the Clinical Decision Support System/CDSS). Implementing the ifa EMR will additionally enable the Hamad Medical Center, which is also an academic training hospital, to share experiences with the ifa user group including for example the university hospitals of Oklahoma (USA), Beijing (China) and Göttingen (Germany).