US Health Sector Faces its Toughest Challenge Print

American physicians face their most difficult challenge over the last 50 years due to two important changes to the health care sector. ifa systems AG will profit from it in the long run, but for the time being, the workload of ifa's US Team will increase dramatically.

On the one hand, the health care reform known as "ObamaCare" will lead to cuts in physicians' reimbursement. On the other, new regulations regarding documentation of bills and quality registers will force considerable organizational restructuring in clinics and practices. Unsurprisingly, such "Change Management" will unsettle physicians and lead to postponing decisions regarding human resources and investment.

From October 1, 2014 medical services will need to be coded using the new diagnosis coding system ICD-10. What has been standard practice with German physicians for over 15 years constitutes a paradigm change for their American counterparts. Billing documentation becomes several times more complicated using the new system, which means, over the long term, that it can only be carried out effectively using professional Health IT systems. Dale Cook, Sales Director of ifa united i-tech Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, states: "The next 10 months will be a real challenge for our customers and our team as a whole. It is, after all, a total of over 1,500 ophthalmologists and their staff who will need help adapting to a new software version and redefining their processes in ophthalmologic practices and eye clinics. The heavy investment over the past 18 months for a convenient software will finally pay off, as customers will find themselves grateful and happy to have found such a professional and experienced partner as ifa in their difficult situation."