The ifa team presents the new ecPACS solution for “state of the art” ophthalmology Print

Innovation is the key for professional ophthalmology. Diagnostic and therapeutic processes are more and more driven by modern technology. Information technology (IT) is an integral part of the leading eye care environments around the world. The new ifa ecPACS solution combines experience of over 30 years with the latest software technology. The application is vendor independent and can connect all leading ophthalmic devices with Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, Practice Management Systems (PMS) and vendor specific image databases.

International Health IT (HIT) standards are the robust foundation of ecPACS. The solution is compliant with DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine), HL7 (Health Level 7) and IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) requirements.


The ecPACS offers unique features abd benefits: 

  • ecPACS - can be used as “Stand Alone” software or integrated into an existing HIS or PMS network
  • ecPACS - provides connectivity to more than 450 devices offered by over 30 intenational manufacturers
  • ecPACS - facilitates eye draw features for all ophthalmic subspecialties (retina, cornea, oculoplastics etc.)
  • ecPACS - is vendor independent and offers a life long Connectivity Guarantee for all relevant devices
  • ecPACS - improves the effeciency, quality of care and legal compliance based on the “all in one” documentation
  • ecPACS - can document findings, diagnosis, test interpretation and structured diagnosis (ICD-10)
  • ecPACS - is designed to manage billing information and transfer charging processes to HIS and PMS (HL7)
  • ecPACS - can organize clinical pathways and structured work flows for all different eye care visit types
  • ecPACS - offers statistics, queries and outcome analysis based on professional data mining tools (SQL)          
  • ecPACS - is based on over 30 years of experience in Health IT (HIT) in ophthalmology (Made in Germany)
  • ecPACS - is easy to learn and easy to use as it is designed according to international usability standards (ISO/IEEE)
  • ecPACS - can be upgraded to a full ophthalmic EMR (complete paperless eye care environment)

For more information, please see the product presentation.


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