Promoting the ifa EMR in China Print

China is one of the markets with the highest potential for Health IT, also in ophthalmology. During the last 3 years, the ifa group of companies has invested intensively in developing software for the Chinese market. ifa’s exclusive cooperation partner, Global Vision Corp. (, is now launching a promotional campaign in Beijing aimed at the capital’s leading eye clinics. Simultaneously the company is in talks about a product cooperation with the university hospital’s ophthalmic center, which will be able to provide the clinical contents for China.

Jörg Polis, the ifa group’s COO, commented: „Based on our experience of introducing the bilingual ifa EMR in Thailand successfully, we are also very optimistic with regard to China. The bilingual electronic medical record in Chinese and English is unique in international ophthalmology. It enables users to implement international standards in Chinese and therefore represents one giant step for leading ophthalmologists in China.

Before the first projects will be implemented in 2013, Chinese staff will be trained and a pilot project will be launched in Beijing.