The ifa Academy: Consultancy and Training Services Are the Key to Success Print

The workflows of eye care institutions are rarely simple. An EHR, such as the ifa EMR, that allows for documenting and organizing each step of these ophthalmic workflows in a structured and detailed, yet efficient manner can thus never be a simple system. The complex character of the ifa EMR, which has evolved inevitably from these requirements, bears both challenges but primarily major benefits for users. These benefits imply, for example, increased efficiency and cost savings and therefore allow physicians and their staff to focus on what really matters: their patients.

The ifa EMR includes a multitude of functionalities to help ophthalmologists achieve these goals. But for users to make the most of their ifa application, comprehensive education and consulting on these functionalities is required. From the beginning, the ifa team has recognized the need for training its clients to make sure users may deploy their ifa EMR in the best possible way. And so the ifa Academy was established.

The ifa Academy has been an integral part of the ifa concept ever since. Its team offers individualized training sessions on site and in this way accompanies the process of introducing the ifa EMR to a practice or hospital. In addition, so called Training and Work Sessions (TWS) are offered on a regular basis across the globe. Over 50 modules are available to users and prospects, from which they may choose the topics they are most interested in. These modules include subjects such as Basic Training, Office Organization, Subspecialty Documentation, Stimulus Applications and the Customization Process.

Sessions are regularly held in the company’s US headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL and beautiful Porto Cervo, Italy. In 2012, the ifa group of companies even launched an exclusive training hub in the heart of New York City. Ideally located in the Union Square area, the ifa TWS Center also allows for visiting Union Square Eye Care to experience the advantages of the program live and on site.

Taking part in the TWS experience, attendees undergo a detailed training and certification process that is based on ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards. What is more, users will only have to make their own travel arrangements for attending the TWS. 5* hotel accommodation, lunch and dinner as well as all training sessions and materials are free of charge for ifa users. Confirming the excellent standard of the ifa Academy’s educational program and TWS experience, 250 users on average attend the Fort Lauderdale TWS each year.

Like the ifa group of companies, many of the TWS attendees are convinced that the key to success is to keep educating oneself and thus regularly return to the pleasant and highly professional atmosphere of the ifa Academy’s TWS.

For further information on educational topics and services, simply contact the ifa Academy at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The dates of all scheduled TWS are moreover available at The ifa Academy team looks forward to meeting ifa users from all over the world again soon and assisting them in reaping the maximum benefit of their ifa EMR!